About CSC3

Our goal is to raise awareness and educate policymakers, students and parents about the costs associated with attending college. We seek to encourage public discussion of this issue and will occasionally advocate for nonpartisan legislative solutions to this problem.

Our Key Issues:

1)     Get politicians to understand this is an important issue

2)     Discuss the difficulties of paying for college

3)     Discuss the difficulties of repaying student loans

4)     Highlight the real costs of college: tuition, room/board, books, snacks, laundry, car to go to job, traveling home and out of state tuition

5)     Realizing that College is a Catch 22: you need to go to succeed, but paying is difficult

One thought on “About CSC3

  1. I agree with your view. Great to see more of this type of info getting out there about college costs. I have far too many friends with 6 figures of student debt making barely enough for minimum payments.

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