Links: Higher Ed Costs & Other Issues

The following Websites are helpful websites for more information on Higher Education:

The Lumina Foundation:

The Delta Cost Project:

The Center for College Affordability:

The Institute for College Access and Success:

The American Enterprise Institute’s Center on Higher Education Reform:

The Quick and the Ed:

Grapevine at Illinois State University:

An annual compilation of data on state fiscal support for higher education

The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) has an index of articles on higher ed topics as well as links to studies on issues such as cost and affordability.

Want to know how much college professors and university presidents make? Check out data from AAUP Annual Faculty Salary Survey:

The College Board has a Trends in Higher Education series that produces annual reports on the state of college pricing, student aid, and the benefits of college to society.

The State Higher Education Executives Officers Association produces an annual State Higher Education Finance Report

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