New Report on State Higher Education Funding

Each year the Grapevine Project at Illinois State University tracks changes in funding for higher education across the 50 states. They have just released their newest report incorporating data for the 2013 fiscal year.  Jordan Weissmann of The Atlantic has some interesting graphic charts from the report summarizing recent changes to state higher education funding. Funding cuts for higher education have be deep. Weissmann states:

Cash-poor state legislatures have gone to town on their higher education budgets, and as they’ve hacked away, tuition has risen along with the sums undergraduates have had to borrow. In total, 38 states cut post-secondary funding since the recession, many by more than a fifth.

Arizona (-36.6%) and New Hampshire (-35.7%) have had the largest cuts to their higher education budgets since 2008. According to Weissmann

collectively, states are spending 10.8 percent less than they were five years ago, when the recession began.

There is some good news as 11 states have increased aid to higher education over this period with North Dakota (+35.4%) and Wyoming (+32.3% ) leading the way.

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