Veterans Fighting for College Credit

by Kelly Compell

Many veterans who are returning from serving in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan realize that they need a plan to earn enough money to support themselves. A large amount of them went into the military straight from high school, so they don’t have any college credits built up in order to earn a degree. Many colleges take this into effect and make up for it by providing the veterans with credits for the skills that they learned while serving for the country.

However, many of the veterans are reporting that the credits they are being given are inadequate for the amount of knowledge and skills learned while in the military. According to the article, Credit for Service,” written by Paul Frain, seven states in the Midwest are trying to resolve this current problem. Their resolution consists of grouping together to make sure that all of the veterans are given all of the credits that they deserve based on what they have learned through the military.

Colleges should make sure that veterans are receiving an adequate amount of credits for the knowledge and skills they have already learned. It would be a waste of money and time to force them into re-learning information that they already know.

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