The College Board’s Nudge to High Schoolers

by Lauren Robson

It seems like in today’s day and age high school students need a little nudge to go to college. Parents or teachers or friends pushing them through the process of applying and enrolling. It seems like going to college is just another thing we’re all supposed to do. It’s time for these students to learn a little information that might just push them along, and The College Board may have found the answer.

In their efforts to persuade high school students to pursue college degrees, The College Board has released articles titled “Education Pays 2013: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society” and “How College Shapes Lives: Understanding the Issues.” These reports state that individuals who graduate from higher education end up winning in the long run. Not only do they receive larger paychecks, but they also are more likely to get a job post-graduation. College graduates also display a better well-being; they are more civically involved and are less likely to be obese. The report also expresses how a college education is even more beneficial to racial and ethnic minorities. With scholarships and grants, higher education is affordable to even the lower class that believes that they cannot afford attending a college or university. College Board is taking the next step to educate high school students and insure them that going to college “has an enormous impact in creating better lives for the people, for themselves, and for society.”

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