Mrs. Obama Promotes Higher Education

by Erin Anderson

The first lady, Michelle Obama, is now straying away from her healthy eating campaign and turning more towards promoting higher education. Her plan is to talk to young adults on how important it is to attend college to better themselves and open up more job opportunities for them in the future. In one of her first talks to young adults from Chicago, she said that her story wasn’t much different from theirs and that they could end up in high positions if they attend higher education facilities. Mrs. Obama’s new campaign relates more to one of President Obama’s initiatives on higher education because she will be working with the Department of Education. Together, they are trying to get more college graduates in the country to push America from 12th to first in the world in the percent of college graduates by 2020. President Obama will attack this huge task from the policy side whereas Mrs. Obama will speak to young people around the country about the importance of higher education.

How effective will her campaign be? Can she really make young adults see that she has a story just like them? It will be a difficult task because she is such a high up public figure who attended an Ivy League school and who came from a decent background. Over the next few months it will be interesting to see how effective her campaign really is.

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