Money or Education?

by Jessica Dembeck

Community college students who are looking to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree are at an extreme disadvantage, according to a study discussed in Paul Fain’s article “Third Try Isn’t A Charm ”. Many students enrolled at community colleges for one reason or another decide to “stop out” and take a break from their studies, and when that’s happened only once, majority of students will return to finish their degree. However, if students stop out more than once, the likelihood of them returning to finish their degree is extremely unlikely. Why are students not returning? Well, one reason could be because they’ve earned their associate’s degree, which for many students is a stopping point in education. In this study, students who discontinued enrollment in the community college were considered drop outs.

Many students who are going to community college do so because they are looking for a more affordable option to get their degree. While attending classes, majority of community college students are also holding down a full time job, and because of this, some students may withdraw from classes as a result from a pay increase. However, one solution offered in this article is a “work less, study more” model. So now the question becomes: which is more important – your education or maintaining your job? But should a student ever have to choose between the two?

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