Other Companies Paying for our Tuition

    by Nathan Nodolski

Large online companies such as Google, Facebook, and others are free to use, but they make millions to billions of dollars yearly. How do they do this? The main source of income on these sites are the advertisements. Companies pay to make their ad be seen on the side of Facebook or show up first in the Ad section in Google. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for the company that the ad is for and the online site, because the site gets money and hits, and the company’s product or site gets publicity. The more hits your site gets, the more the companies will pay to advertise on your site.

In the article “Ads Instead of Tuition”, an idea is proposed to use this model for colleges. Therefore, companies will work together to advertise their products at the college in exchange for lower tuition rates; kind of like sponsorship. The example given in the article is laptop companies could give out and advertise their laptops.

Another thing that colleges and companies could mutually benefit from this is for recruiting. By working throughout the years with the colleges, the companies can scope out prospective employees for the future while the colleges keep them updated. These company entwinement could also help the college with recruiting, because it will have a solid networking base for the students.



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