Rise in Higher Education Costs Outpace Other Expenditures

by Philip Wubbolt

Higher education costs have been rising for years and compared to how the prices of other goods have risen, there is a significant difference in how much those prices had risen.  From 1985 until now, the costs for higher education had risen in excess of 500%.  Compared to other goods and services, this is absolutely significant.  Medical costs have risen in excess of 280% and 120% in the consumer price index.  This rise in higher education costs, further exacerbates the problem of the inequality and income gaps.  If a family is unable to pay for college, this can inhibit that child’s ability to further his education and have a higher paying job.  This then has a compounding effect  on further and later generations.  There are efforts from politicians to lower or slow the rising costs for education, however these efforts have not made much of a difference.  The question now is, are students and kids getting what they paid for?  Are the jobs kids are receiving after college, making up for the significant prices?

See: College Costs Surge 500% in U.S. Since 1985: Chart of the Day

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