Higher Education: On A Crash Course For Reinvention

by Ameer Sorrell

As parents begin to prepare children for college they start to worry about how much it is going to cost. Another problem they encounter is where their child will attend an affordable school. Colleges and Universities are becoming more aware of how high their sticker price is. Congress could help by making some policy changes.  An article in the Huffington Post states that if institutions were responsible for 25% of the student loans received by their students.  If this were to happen, three things would have to be addressed. The selectivity of students trying to attend college, students leaving college unprepared for what life is really about, and parents not taking advantage of the opportunities to lower cost as much as possible through internet sources. If you think about it, its not possible because that means we would have to start from the beginning and force people to want to make changes socially and culturally as well as using the sources given to us. Parents have to be involved in wanting to lower the cost of college. College gives young people hope to want to be something in life, but if we as adults don’t focus and stay committed to trying to get youth into school at lower prices then this problem will always be a debate. College costs are only going to get worse unless we put forth the effort to make a difference.

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