Higher Education – 2016 Presidential Debate Topic Without Question

by Kyle Purchase

The next presidential debate is in two years and likely runners such as Jeb Bush (kin to Presidents 41 & 43) as well as Hillary Clinton, want to express how crucial higher education is and how important it is for it to be affordable.

“Higher education in America has a growing affordability problem while billions in the developing world struggle with accessibility. Exporting U.S. post-secondary education and global consumers at scale can help really resolve both issues simultaneously”

Bush said. “Expanding access through technology can bring down the cost of delivery at home and abroad.” Jeb Bush is pushing the fact that connecting the two issues together might be able to solve one another.

Mrs. Clinton had this to add:

“…that we’re closing the doors to higher education in our own country so this great model that we’ve had that has meant so much to so many is becoming further and further away from too many.”

If we don’t solve this problem now, nobody might not want to go to college due to the fear of debt or a lack of jobs available in the their degree field. Normally in a presidential election candidates will talk about the economy or foreign policy and education, higher education especially, isn’t mentioned a great deal. If the economy is being talked about, they need to make sure they say something about higher education.


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