College Savings Enhancement Act

Derek Harzinski

Over the past several decades the cost of college education has rose to 13 times the cost that it used to be, that’s a 1,225% increase. An increase that is much more than the rate of inflation and food costs over the same amount of time. 

Representative Robert Hurt of Virginia came to the realization that families need some type of program to have access to financial planning for the increasing costs of college education. There are already programs called “529 Plans”, that are set up to help families learn how to properly save and invest for college. Thus his creation was the “College Savings Enhancement Act” which would allow the state-run prepaid college savings plans the freedom to invest more broadly, allowing them to be able to meet their obligations to the families purchasing their plans. Not only does Virginia offer college savings plans but so do several other states, including Pennsylvania. 

This act is currently moving through congress, and if it is passed it will solve the problem that the “529 plans” are experiencing. These plans also include the prepaid plans, and it also provides tax-advantaged options. The problem is that because of these plan’s classification, they are unable to invest in ways to maximize returns and meet the obligations to their customers. 

If this act passes through congress it will make higher education more accessible for all states that have adopted the “529 Plans” and also convince other states who do not have it to follow suit. 



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