College Students & SNAP

by Declan Barrett

A new article discusses the benefits that would be applied to college students by widening the requirements to join SNAP – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This program helps those in need by supplying them with food stamps, which can be used as money to buy food. With the pandemic currently, many college students have had their job hours reduced, or the job closed all together, as colleges and surrounding areas adjust to a new environment.

The one catch this expansion would have would mean that any student with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) greater than $0 would not be enrolled in this program. As many college students know, the EFC is a ridiculous value that assumes a familial contribution to college expenses, and that assumption fails to realize that not all families follow this. This article does not highlight that, but it can raise the question if entering college is actually now more desirable because of additional snap benefits – or if this really will benefit students because those with families that can (but don’t) get their EFC are ignored by this prospect.

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