IBR and the Need for More Help

by Brianna Englert

The income-based repayment program is a great response to the difficulties people face when pursuing a career in public services where usually a college degree is mandated.  A low income and high student loan truly brings out the question whether or not college is worth it? With this program capping the percentage of one’s income one can pay on student loans leans the answer towards yes; however, only federal loans are covered. Often the cost of education causes many students to take out private loans with high interest rates and there really is not much help for those people. Articles about people suffocating in their student debt and retirees losing financial stability because of student loans still have the worth of college being questioned.

Education is key. Education is the most consistent way to create a financially stable life and possibly family. The lottery is always a fall back. In order for America to retain its image in the world it needs to be filled with educated citizens furthering, promoting, and expanding its economic success.  The government needs to be aiding younger generations with programs such as the IBR. They also need to do more because the importance of furthering education should not be competing with a price. High school graduates should not be wondering, “is college worth it?”