Please Support the Pennsylvania Middle Income Student Debt Reduction Act

College Students Concerned by College Costs is supporting the Middle Income Student Debt Reduction Act currently being debated in the Pennsylvania Legislature. The Senate version (SB 420) is being sponsored by Senators Ward and Alloway and the House version will be introduced shortly by Representative Quinn (see the co-sponsorship memorandum here).

This law is aimed at helping families with incomes between $80,000-110,000 pay for college. Currently, this demographic finishes college with the highest average student loan debt of any income group.


The legislation proposes to reinstate $36 million that was cut from PHEAA funding last year as a new program dedicated to giving grants to families in this income group. For a complete discussion of the merits of the legislation, please see a video from Senators Alloway and Ward, as well as the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania’s website.